Email Copy Checklist

posted on: Feb 13, 2022

Here's an "email checklist" Maciek quickly whipped up that may help you when you're proofreading/editing your emails

  • Does your subject line evoke curiosity/have a clear benefit?
  • Does the opening sentence hook your reader?
  • Are you writing from ONE person to ONE person?
  • Does your email flow well from sentence to sentence?
  • Strong CTA?
  • Did you read your copy aloud to check everything is top?
  • Are you painting mental images in your audiences mind?
  • Can you cut 10% of your word count?
  • Are you transforming "features" into "irresistible benefits"?
  • Are you unpacking all details about the offer?
  • Have you injected any scarcity/urgency?
  • Social proof (indirect/direct) behind your offer?
  • Are you showing, not telling?
  • source: twitter tweet by Maciek

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