Email Permutator

Just enter name & domain and generate emails. Just one domain name is enough but you can add up to 3

How to Validate Emails From An Permutator Email?

Use Gmail To Validate Emails

Email Permutator by SendSimple app generates possible email combinations and then you can verify the correct one by opening in gmail, If it have profile picture or letter profile pic it is valid gmail account if blue person profile image then it is not valid

Use A Bounce Check Tool

You can use a bounce check tool to verify if the email address is valid. These tools ping the email address and listen for a response.

Valid Response: A valid response indicated that the emails are accepted by the email address. They will not bounce.

Invalid Response: An invalid response indicated that emails are not accepted by the email address. They will bounce if sent to that address.

Catch-All Response: A catch-all response means the email address collects all email sent to that domain. This includes emails sent to the other email addresses at the domain suck as emails sent to misspelled recipients at the domain.

How Does An Email Permutator Work?

A Email Permutator uses name and domain to create a list of possible email addresses. The email permutator generates email in popular formats like "". The correct email email can be found by Gmail Validation or by Bounce Check Tool