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✨ Personalize Emails

Easily personalize mass emails, from subject to content. Personalizing emails help increase your open rate as your recipient feels like the email is unique.

👀 Preview Emails

Make sure your emails look stunning before sending them. Flip through the contacts in your mailing list to ensure everything looks right.

⏰ Schedule Emails

Schedule your mail merge in advance. Set a date and time to send messages when you like with Gmail. There's no need to stay in front of your computer waiting for the mail merge to complete. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

👨 Use Email Alias

Using multiple email addresses? We got you covered. Send your mail merge from any of your email alias (including non Gmail email addresses).

⚙️ Add Pre-header

Email preheader is the summary text that follows a subject line when the email is viewed in an inbox. It’s typically one sentence long. Adding preheader improves open rate for your emails

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Simple And Fast to use, If you manage all thing inside google sheets like me, SendSimple is a miracle. It makes my marketing strategry to be true. SendSimple deliver what they said and with a very good quality. Every steps is just simple. Even though I can code inside Google Apps Script, SendSimple still save me much time.


I have been testing SendSimple app for a little over a week now after having had some initial issues getting things setup correctly. Turned out that you must be logged in with the exact chrome profile as your email. The founder was very helpfull and inmediately proposed a quick zoom meeting to explain how to configure the tool. I have done some further testing with both (free) gmail accounts as well as my own smtp settings and everything is working fine. What I like about sendsimple app is it's simplicity. Just a google sheet with a list of emails and your good to go!


A true gem 💎. This is my must have for anyone who does any sort of cold emailing. It is a very simple but intuitive product with a great team behind it.


I have been using sendsimple to send out emails for some weeks now and it's the best you can use for cold emailing. It is very flexible and easy to use when compared to other cold email platforms. I love the ability of not paying for hosting just like what is obtainable in sendy. Though they lack some features, I believe they'll be updating the app with more feature soon. The founder is very active and I see some updates has been implemented recently.


So far this is the simple and easy to run cold email setup I have seen so far I have used mailshake and salesblink but the setup is a bit tough when it is compared to send simple... It's just a list of emails and a google sheet and this addon... that's it you are good to go... and this founder is also making many updates day by day... hope it goes to the moon


I tried simplesend but had many problems. I could not send any email at first due to some bugs who have been fixed. The developper contacted me to make sure it was all working and it's now all fine. The future of this tool is great and we will all want the future options. The main dev is listening and make everything he can to provide a complete solution to create a very good marketing solution to send emails and get analytics to maximise the sales.


The easiest and most efficient way to send cold emails. Forget once and for all the limits that can slow down your marketing campaigns and strategies. You don't need more than a lead list and Google sheets to start your campaigns through GMail, SendGrid, or Amazon SES. This tool is a gem! Sanskar is a genius at what he does and is willing to answer all your questions! A few weeks ago Sanskar recorded a tutorial on how to send custom images using the power of Sendsimple, imagine what you can do with this great idea!


I'm amazed by this app and the things that it can do. Setup is quick and painless. Google Sheet emails can be sent thru GMail, SendGrid, Amazon SES, and SMTP (with individual limits for each). I can also create e-mail HTML templates. By using a 3rd-party e-mail design application, you can import your customized template and send these to your customers.

This is such a useful tool that you shouldn't miss!


SendSimple is now one of most useful tool in my business' communication arsenal. It makes sending emails simple. Well integrated with AES and Sendgrid, Sending out newsletters and cultivating relationships is a breeze. It delivers an intuitive email delivery experience that works within Google Sheets without all the unnecessary bells-and-whistles of complicated outreach applications.


If you're looking for a simple solution that can help you send emails in bulk through your Gmail account with the necessary personalization, this one is for you!

Sanskar is amongst the better breed of founders out there and he was kind enough to also make a video showing how this can be used with Nexweave :) Here is a link to that video:


Worth every single penny. Founder is approachable. I got reply to my queries within 48 hrs. Integrated absolutely with Google Sheet. Thanks Team 🙂.


I quite like this! The whole email process is done via Google Sheets and the UI is super easy to use. I'm still playing around with it, but I think that I'll be using this for my cold outreach going forward.

lee blurweb app user

I have a lot of good leads in Google Sheets and I'm always extracting and pasting into another program. Now I can send directly from the sheet. Save times and increases productivity. I will be testing more deeply. So far I'm very pleased. Now we have more time for other task. And I believe we can do tons more because it's now in the Google sheet and we can work on some automation to have the list updated and some other automation stuff too. This is too awesome. Thanks for bring in these tools to AppSumo.


This makes mass emailing so easy! This tool is great! I love how it integrates with Amazon SES, Gmail, and Sendgrid and I can’t wait for SendInBlue. I love how I can send emails through Google Sheets! This tool has a ton of promise and even though I don’t have a huge email list, I love the fact that I can whip up a quick mass email super quickly. Also, the personalization factor is awesome! It’s pretty cool how I can create a personalized email through Google Sheets and just send them out. It really is so simple. Great work!


You know you have to do the outreach but you hate doing the same thing sending the email one by one over and over again? SendSimple is here to the rescue. The tool makes it way easier by automating the entire process of sending emails as well as following up with prospects. So you can generate more leads and close more clients. With its native integration with Google Sheets, it's fairly simple to use and it works. Not to mention it can send via amazon ses, which has the best deliverability and cheapest email sending. Such a handy tool you don't wanna miss out on!


We have been looking for a solution that enable us to send marketing emails to name list that we have inside our csv file. With this tool we can do that fast. No more headache and time-consuming for my team to handle the name list in the csv file. We just clean up a bit of the file, load it up to google sheet and the rest is history. Now we have more time for other task. And I believe we can do tons more because it's now in the Google sheet and we can work on some automation to have the list updated and some other automation stuff too. This is too awesome. Thanks for bring in these tools to AppSumo. Thumbs up to you guys.


Many of us already use GoogleSheets, but even if you don't Sendsimple is SUPER SIMPLE.

You will be shocked how easy it is to start a campaign, and I am thrilled with the founder who also created BlurWeb (one of my favorite apps).

Starting an email campaign is easy, and you can easily send out your announcements without any trouble.

My favorite thing about Sendsimple is that it integrates with Sendgrid and works flawlessly.

You won't want to miss this deal. It is a winner.


This is by far the easiest cold email system I have set up. Honestly, why nobody has thought of this system before?! The features are really useful for my use case. Totally worth every penny. I'm super excited to try out the auto-follow up and hopefully more features are coming to this awesome app. I know the owner of this app from the flutter community. He's really talented and knows what he's doing.

Matt Woityra blurweb app user

Automates your cold email outreach with high deliveribility, notifications and status, helping you close more leads and generate more revenue

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